Living a good life.

Many of you aspire to be productive in your work and be an integral part of a community. With these demands placed on your time, Aktivo helps you make the right lifestyle choices in a busy routine for a long and healthy life.


Delivering optimal choices for health.

You now have a digital biomarker for health and longevity in your pocket! Aktivo is more than just a step counter. Aktivo objectively measures your daily activities and helps you make informed lifestyle decisions to be your best self.


Start your Aktivo journey to a long and healthy life.

All you need is your smartphone to begin your Aktivo journey. Your Aktivo Score® tells you how healthy is your lifestyle and is your guide to optimal health.


Group up for the Aktivo team experience.

Team up with your family and friends for custom challenges to keep each other on the Aktivo track as you improve your Aktivo Score®.

Share your journey on Aktivo Social while drawing inspiration from tips and advice.

Check your progress with Aktivo statistics and stay on course to a long healthy life.


Ask your employer or insurance provider for your Aktivo sign-in credentials to view your Aktivo Score®.

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