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With Aktivo®, corporations provide a low touch, high impact platform that gives corporate employees the information to make the right choices for healthy lifestyles and long-term health.

Aktivo® helps corporations engage corporate employees for health, wellness and productivity through group activities as well as engaging customised content at the Aktivo® Social wall.


The right kind of motivation with the Aktivo Score®.

Aktivo® empowers corporate employees to live a healthy lifestyle every day. With Aktivo®, corporations reward healthy lifestyles across teams, departments or as an organisation. Aktivo® allow corporate employees to recognise the benefits of their daily lifestyle choices and guide users to attain long-term health.


Reduce medical costs with the Aktivo Score®.

Aktivo’s leveraging of the latest in digital health technology enables corporate employees to live a healthy life, reduce the risk of chronic diseases, lower their health insurance premiums and decrease their medical claims.


Use the Aktivo Score® to make effective workplaces.

Aktivo® drives corporate engagement with employees through the best digital health and wellness experience. With Aktivo’s digital health tools, corporations objectively measure and drive healthy behavioural change. The easy-to-use Aktivo® Dashboard helps corporations to support people decisions with actionable insights from lifestyle data.


Discover how Aktivo® can make a difference for corporate team members and business.

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