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Aktivo® helps life and health insurers to engage and acquire high value customers, price and manage risk at scale, and provide a deeply valued service for meaningful interaction with customers.


An engagement tool with customers.

With Aktivo®, insurance customers objectively determine the impact of their lifestyle choices on their health every day.

Aktivo® helps insurers stay in touch with the customers and provide support on what really matters to the customers, which is their long-term health.


Stay ahead with machine learning.

Using historical and customer-behavioural data, the Aktivo® Analytics Engine provides deep insights into Customer Lifetime Values and Population Health Models.

With Aktivo® Analytic Engine, insurers can use the Campaign Analytics Module and Customer Forecasts to run promotions and programs for focused marketing.


Aktivo® for a caring organisation.

With Aktivo®, insurers show that the organisation cares for valued customers, improves customer loyalty on their journey to long-term health, and lowers health claims.

Aktivo® combines cutting-edge science with an engaging customer interface to create a rich and outstanding experience.

Aktivo® enables insurers to acquire an indispensable touchpoint with the customers in real-time.


Deliver Product Innovation.

Seamless accelerated underwriting.

With Aktivo®, insurers can now launch products that redefine customer interaction and the ease of doing business.

New and compelling product design.

Aktivo® empowers insurers to stand out from the competition with new and compelling product design while vastly improving the ease of onboarding policyholders.

Portfolio growth.

Aktivo® helps insurers support the valued customers on their journey to long-term health and harness the promise of technology and big data for commercial success.


Discover how Aktivo® can make a difference to the policyholders and businesses of insurers and re-insurers.

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