Use case 1:

Life and Health Insurance

The Aktivo Score® is being used for smarter underwriting, dynamic pricing and to motivate policyholders to lead healthy lifestyles and in turn receive insurance premium discounts and cashbacks.

Integrate the Aktivo® SDK with any native app to increase policyholder engagement and enable healthy lifestyles to prevent chronic disease.

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Use case 2:

Private Banking – Investments and retirement planning

Integrate wellness with wealth management, making it easier for everyone to achieve their life goals.

Utilise the Aktivo® platform to capture and analyse real-time digital health data and improve the health risk of the customer population and make meaningful retirement accessible to more people.

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Use case 3:

Corporate Health and Wellness

A completely digital corporate health and wellness program for employees across geographies to create an engaged and healthy workforce.

Scientifically driven and proven metrics on engagement and health improvement. A highly scalable and cost-effective plat from currently catering to 5000+ fortune 1000 employees in 12 countries.

Aktivolabs is introducing new revenue streams for life and health insurers and brokers and improving year on year corporate retention rates.

Improvement of mean health and lifestyle metrics of the user population using Aktivo® over a period of 6 months showed the following:

  • Average Aktivo Score® increased from 55 to 61.

  • Average daily exercise time increased from 33 minutes to 58 minutes.

  • Average daily sleep time increased from 6 Hours 17 minutes to 6 Hours 53 minutes.

  • Average sedentary time reduced from 14 Hours 40 minutes to 14 Hours 02 minutes.

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